Thursday, August 08, 2013

18 Gifts for guitar players

Is it about your friend's birthday guitar and do not know what to get? Here are some amazing and unique gifts you can give. These fans of the stringed instrument, guitar, bass, among others, would be surprised to have any of these items as a gift.
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18 Gifts for guitar players
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  1. As a long time guitarist I advise you not to buy any of this for your guitarist friends/ significant others/ whatevers. Unless they specifically asked for it.

    They will most likely smile, say "thanks," and throw it in a drawer.

    worst things are picks or any accessories like that. most guitarist are very particular about what size and type they use. over half of this stuff is just insanely cheesy.

    1. Hello

      Ohhhhh!!! Dont worry

      and thanks for ur comment :)

  2. Guitar players want THIS: (a book on how to design their own guitar)