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14+ Kit Kats only in Japan

1. Banana

2. Kinako (Soy Bean Powder)

3. Matcha Milk

4. Vanilla Beans

5. Creamy Apple Filling

6. Pumpkin

7. Houji Tea

8. Azuki (Red Bean) Sandwich

9. Blueberry Fromage

10. Fruit Parfait

11. Apricot Seed

12. Grilled Sweet Potatoes

13. Brown Sugar

14. Pumpkin Pudding

14+ Kit Kats only in Japan Reviewed by Joy Oshiro on 1:08 PM Rating: 5 1. Banana


  1. Why can't we get those in the U.S.? maybe not all of them butsome of them sounded pretty good to me.

  2. You can get them at certain Japanese markets in the U.S. I picked up the Matcha Milk at http://www.mitsuwa.com/ in New Jersey

  3. These pics are amazing. i will share them on my blog here:

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