How Disney Princes Would Look In Real Life

Disney’s princes might have looked like in real life

Jirka Väätäinen, a Finnish artist and designer in Melbourne, has answered that question definitively with his series of real-life Disney prince illustrations. Anyone who had a childhood crush on these princes will definitely love them, but even if you don’t it’s interesting to see how they might actually look. Väätäinen stayed true to their original characters while making sure they seem totally life-like and believable. If you like Väätäinen’s interpretation of Disney’s characters, be sure to visit his website, where he’s given the same treatment to Disney’s iconic princesses and female characters as well! (Via

Aladdin disney real life
Prince Charming disney real life
Prince Charming, Cinderella
John Smith disney illustration real life
John Smith, Pocahontas
disney illustration real life
Prince Eric, The Little Mermaid


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